Magic Pot XL (4.5L Pressure Baker)

5,600.00 4,750.00 only

  • Magic Pot XL (4.5L Pressure Baker)
  • OPOS Cookbook : 5 minute magic (Digital)

Magic Pot XL (4.5L Pressure Baker)

Items Included

  • 4.5 litre stainless steel pressure baker
  • Flash separators

5,600.00 4,750.00 only

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 The Pressure Baker is designed keeping in mind novice cooks and to avoid problems that might arise with a regular cooker if not used carefully — safety valves blow, gaskets melt or food gets burnt.

The Pressure Baker however, is designed to withstand dry heat, minimise burning and has a thicker bottom layer. It is also twice as broad as its height and is completely lead free.

The gaskets are made of silicon and nozzles designed to minimise blockage. I have also sandwiched aluminium in between stainless steel to get the benefit of both the metals

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